Rechencka Gumbs

Rechencka Gumbs is a 24-year-old student who currently resides in The Hague and is in her second year of a 3-year program studying Physical Education at The Hague University of Applied sciences. We spoke about how she manages to balance...
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Vallensio Carty

  We spoke to Vallensio Carty to get insight into how he balances school and his personal life. He will also be sharing some tips and tricks on how to study better and gain better results. Vallensio Carty is 27 years old and is curr...
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Procrastination & how to avoid it. Home edition!

Hey guys, so this was not originally going to be the first blog post. However with everything that’s going on right now I think it's important to get  some advice on how to handle our “new normal”.  I asked a few students for so...
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Caps and Gowns: College Survival Guide

College can be an extremely happy experience, you have the potential to meet life-long friends, connect with your future life partner or make the first step to a journey of self-discovery. However we all know that college isn’t always...
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