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The latest information in regards To COVID-19

We want to announce that we have developed plans so that we can stay available to you and work together to find solutions that fit your needs.

If you need caps and tassels and other graduation products delivered we can do that. If you want to discuss potential alternative ideas to ensure that graduation is still special for everyone involved, we can do that too.

This works in various ways but the standard plan is as follows:

Step 1:  We make individual mailbox packages with a cap + another product (that can be requested).

Step 2: We send these in large boxes to you.

Step 3: Then all you have to do is put an address sticker + stamp and send them.

Step 4: Students and Graduates receive the packages and can still make their graduation feel special.

An alternative way of supplying these products has also been illustrated below.


If you want your students to remember their graduation for the rest of their lives, please get in touch with us!

You can reach us at 010 – 26 00 321  or info@capsandgowns.eu.

We are here to support you in any way we can.

We wish you and yours well,
Team Caps & Gowns



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