Personalize your items!

Start making memories that will last a lifetime! An unforgettable graduation ceremony? Make it one for the books.

At Caps and Gowns everything is possible! Do you want to use a striking color like pink or orange? Or do you want to have your logo imprinted or embroidered onto all the items? No problem at all. Just let us know your specific wishes and we will do anything we can to make it happen!

Need some inspiration?

Have a little scroll below and see what other universities have already done.

The stoles can be adjusted to your wishes in for example their color or with your logo imprinted or embroidered onto them. Give every study program a different color for example and in that way, distinguish the different graduates from each other.   

Make it personal
Make it personal

Colorful options

A tassel in the color of your choosing? Pink, purple or gold? All the colors of the rainbow are an option. Want to go a little crazy? Two or three colors are also an option. Do you want to take it to the next level? Have your custom tag designed with for example the logo of the university or Faculty!

What do students say about Caps and Gowns?

Thomas: “Where do I even start? What a day it was! By using Caps and Gowns for our ceremony I felt really special. Finally, I got to wear the graduate outfit. Like “look at me, look what I have achieved!”. A true highlight of my academic career. Technical University Eindhoven really put in a lot of effort in making this such a great day with a true dress code. Besides this, there was also a full program with performances, music and a great keynote speaker. This day was full of “American” vibes, but it was very memorable because of it.  The effort that the TU/Eindhoven has made in making this day so special for us graduates, truly felt as an appreciation for our hard work and dedication in order to reach this milestone. I felt extremely proud for my fellow students and myself.”


Make it personal

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